Quality comes as standard

The landmarks and communities we create win trustworthiness for quality, but the thrill of being able to provide personalised service to our customers is a reward we cherish greater than any. With more than 20 years experienced professional who working in the residential and commercial sectors, Raicon's reputation for Planning, designing and developing properties is unsurpassed.

Company Policy

Better service and customer satisfaction is our first priority. At Raicon family, we create unique, elegant designs with modern ideas and method. Team of Raicon is aware of their responsibility; functioning project and work distribution with a perfect coordination is the main moto of Raicon Realty Private Limited. Negotiating attitude with client throughout the project for ultimate client satisfaction is the oath of Raicon family.

  • Relation - Dedicated and sensitive with client relation.

  • Activity - having the most modern and recently developed ideas, methods.

  • Innovative - operating with honesty; being whole and complete.

  • Coordinator - Believe in team effort with perfect co-ordination.

  • Organize - chose right people for right job for better output.

  • Nourish - Carefully nourish all aspect of project for perfect outcomes.

Our Services

Some words about our Real Estate services

Project Management

Life cycle of a Real Estate project is elaborate and it distributed into many layers. To achieve the goal of all layers throughout the project needed expertise. Successful project demand collaboration and proper co-ordination. Vast experienced, Planning and Management team of Raicon Realty Private Limited is perfectly balanced and well organised to do all the job as per project demand.

Project Concept

Real Estate concepts provide end to end property development management. Project concept is all about identifying and realizing the maximum potential value of any site. Raicon Professional work closely with client for any type of residential and commercial project, to achieve the best return on investment. From concept to castle, Raicon provide an exceptional level of service and real depth of expertise every step of project journey.

Survey And Research

Thinking of a project is not an ultimate parameter for deployment of the project. Transformation of concept to reality, Organization need to conduct concreate survey for the project feasibility. Market trend of property sector varies on place and requirement of client. With vast experienced team of Real Estate professional, Raicon can conduct survey and research for any type of Real Estate project.

Surveyor and Planner

A land surveyor creates an accurate graphical depiction of a piece of real estate in feet, inches and degrees. Civil made the planning and architectural diagram of the project. Contribution of both technical professional is not ignorable, incase of healthy construction or authority approval. Professional Technical team of Raicon Realty Private Limited undoubtedly able for this job and give proper guideline for any type of Real Estate Project.

Architect And Designer

Raicon provide innovative, sustainable and value engineered design solutions to any build project. Design process is built on a strong technical knowledge of construction and Building Regulations combined with aspirational architectural standards. Raicon provide a full and dedicated service starting from outline proposals, design, detailed design to site management and final completion of project.

Development Strategy

Development part of a real estate project is elaborate and complex. Not only that, the life cycle of this type of project can take few years. Without proper strategy from the beginning of the project, can routed in loss. Strategy for Project Timeline, Revenue Estimation, Development Cost Estimation, all these are very important for any project. Raicon provide development guidance and create proper strategy for Real Estate Projects with vastly experienced team

Land Arrangement

Land Bank
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Civil Construction

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A few word from Director

  • "Collaboration of different sector under one roof helps to believe in totality and perfection. Different units of Raicon works together with perfect coordination. Precise work with research and analytical approach of Raicon, gave an Identity in the market.".

    Nandan Das


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