Raicon Realty Private Limited (“Raicon Realty”) is a private company limited by shares was incorporated during 2013. It is classified as a non-govt. company and is registered before the Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. Raicon Realty is basically a real estate development-based company which operates on development of real estate projects in India and plays a pivotal role in the industry of real estate comprising various housing projects, townships, bungalows and many others and puts a stronghold in the economic sector through its real estate projects. It is generally managed by its Board of Directors comprising its directors Mr. Nandan Das and Mrs. Runu Das and its highly efficient team members comprising the heart and brain of the company who are taking care of various departments to carry on the real estate and associated business of the company.

It plays a significant role in the real estate market with regard to development of various projects such as housing, townships, bungalows and many others and also by keeping an eye in the real estate management market through making tie-ups with different real estate giants. In these days, Raicon Realty is not only managing its business through developing new real estate projects but also have some deep thoughts in various associated service oriented platforms forming a part of real estate market in various metropolitan cities of India.

Raicon Realty is thriving in the market with its different strategies and other service oriented products which are a part of real estate industry and is adding opportunities and providing the same from its newly growing online platform to motivate its clients through innovative ways keeping them technologically upgraded in the sector of real estate industry. Raicon Realty has put expertise online and offline in the post-pandemic growing real estate market and is providing its clients a new horizon all with positivity from real estate aspects in this industry in a green manner.


Why Raicon Realty...?

"Because I always feel positive about the growth of real estate market in India and I am overwhelmed by the post pandemic boom the nation is witnessing in these days. Raicon Realty Private Limited has been always a part of the industry sharing innovative ideas with its clientele and has put a mark of its choice in this sector."

....Mr. Nandan Das, Director

Raicon Realty Private Limited

Mr. Nandan Das (“Mr. Das”), the Director of Raicon Realty has been very much proactive and having some deep thoughts in real estate sector comprising properties, housings, bungalows, etc. that how to flourish the real estate industry through marketing of its various projects and taking the real estate management system in the forefront among its client through an online platform in the post pandemic situation.

Mr. Das has been involved in the real estate sector since its dawn in Kolkata and the sub-urban areas and is flourishing his new thoughts and management as well as marketing skills in the industry for 23 long years. Priorly involved in management and marketing divisions of various Kolkata based and other metro city based top real estate giants and has dealt in various housing and township projects including properties, buildings, bungalows, associated construction works and many more. While engaged with various top level and Pan-India based real estate concerns Mr. Das has been exchanging his various ideas about managerial and marketing operations how to enlarge the market and approach the end clients from every corners of the nation through various endeavours.

Mr. Das has not been make himself operational in the limited platform of monotonous marketing division, rather he has tried his level best to come out from the sales and marketing attitude to thrive something better through a new platform in the real estate sector harping on its managerial activities venturing through innovative structures to search new topics and put new ideas not only to approach clients but also to study and understand the psychology of various clients in this sector to make them attracted with new age real estate models alongwith innovative ideas in the industry.

Along with his personal skills, knowledge, persistency and self-development, Mr. Das has now come up with a new platform through Raicon Realty and has engaged expertises and his team to manage the real estate industry in a newly motivated and innovative way and totally in a green manner to expand the real estate management and innovations and provide clients ample opportunities in a very simple way which can help the industry’s growth and its consumers as well to a boom.

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